Sinas journey in fitness began in 2009 as he started reading fitness magazines and articles online. Over the years his life around fitness grew more serious. After graduating from Optical Sciences at NAIT Sina started working full time as a licensed optician. During this time he decided to hire his first training coach, learning his way around professional training and realizing how important the nutrition aspect of bodybuilding really is. Through out his fitness career Sina has had the pleasure of working with some of Canada's top IFBB Professionals & Contest Prep Gurus. 

Sina is certified in Personal Training, Performance Nutrition and Supplement Coaching through NASM. He is Ambitious Lifestyle’s first sponsored male athlete, as well as a sponsored athlete for BroActiveWear. In 2014 he earned his qualification to the Canadian Nationals stage in mens bodybuilding. In 2016 Sina decided to switch categories to mens physique and earn his way back to the national stage. 

Sina won his class at the ABBA Provincials 2016, earning himself a lifetime bye into the Canadian Nationals in MPD. At the very first IFBB qualifying show in Canada Sina won his class again at the Ben Weider Legacy Cup. As the 2017 season begins Sinas road to an IFBB pro card is closer than ever!

Sina has a passion for fitness and throughout the years has loved helping others reach their best personal fitness goals. His determination is contagious and through him any one can find the motivation and support to become a well-rounded and ambitious athlete!